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Welcome to the website of our opensource project.

Most existing chat-scripts can be put in these following categories :

PHP with file/db backend
Disadvantages :
- Constant refreshing (annoying for clients)
- Take quite some bandwidth
- Rather slow response

JAVA-applet with IRC-backend
Disadvantages :
- User needs JAVA VM and privilage
- You need to set up a IRC-server
- Client needs access to IRC-port (which could be blocked by firewalls)

EWC uses a MySQL backend, but uses XmlHTTPRequest to refresh the information.


With an HTTP request, a web page can make a request to, and get a response from a web server - without reloading the page. The user will stay on the same page, and he or she will not notice that scripts might request pages, or send data to a server in the background.

More information about this technique

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